EdReady Update (Dec 2018)

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      Nicole McCabe

      Hi everyone,
      The last EdReady update for 2018 went through on December 26. Read the full release notes here.

      This latest release was substantial, with parallel work on the core workings of EdReady and a growing number of supporting applications (aka ‘micro-services’) for better managing performance and ongoing feature development. We hit most of our internal milestones for this effort, so while there may not yet be much to see as an end user, we are now in a position to release a whole series of additional features and functions in 2019.

      A few highlights (and hints of what is to come):

      • We continue to make great strides on the accessibility front. We will be performing another round of testing in January on the math rendering (using MathJax) and its behavior with several leading screen readers. The challenge of effectively supporting math in online applications remains significant, for our project and every other math application available, but we are optimistic that the gap between current and desired behavior continues to shrink. Meanwhile, we have made a number of really nice accessibility improvements in other areas, and that work will continue throughout 2019.
      • We have made progress on a long-term project to migrate our ‘reporting suite’ – the various tables and graphs that provide insight into student progress and activity on the application – to a new infrastructure. A first round of new reports which take advantage of this infrastructure is already under development. You will be seeing new filtering and management options as we continue this work.
      • We have also made progress on another long-term effort to build a facility for tracking and responding to specific events of interest – an ‘alerts system’. There are still quite a few details to be worked out, but we expect to start availing users of these improvements in the early part of 2019.

      This coming year, we are anticipating an even deeper level of ongoing engagement and collaboration with our members, working together to develop effective strategies and new features and content for solving the thorny problems we are all trying to resolve. We hope you have an excellent holiday season and we will look forward to connecting again in the new year!
      – The EdReady Dev Team

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