ACT CollegeReady

Improving College Readiness, Retention, and Completion

NROC has partnered with ACT® to deliver ACT® CollegeReady™, a student success tool that identifies student knowledge and skill gaps in math and English and creates a personalized learning path that empowers students to address their individual academic needs.

The design of ACT CollegeReady was informed by the pioneering work of NROC members who leveraged EdReady to successfully support alternative college placement models. The tool is a personalized, turnkey solution for educational institutions, systems, and states interested in shifting placement from a high-stakes assessment to a student-centered readiness experience, through which learners avoid (or dramatically reduce) the need for traditional remediation. What’s more, ACT’s subscription model offers students unlimited use of the tool for one year, so learners can continue to take advantage of ACT CollegeReady once they begin their college-level studies.

How it Works

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Students take an initial diagnostic that reveals to them, and your institution, if they are ready for college-level math and English courses. The resulting report flags knowledge gaps.

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Students who need to address their knowledge gaps can use their personalized CollegeReady study path to improve their readiness.

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Students progress through their study path with the help of high-quality, multimedia educational resources that support different learning styles and preferences.

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Once students feel they understand a topic, they can test their knowledge. As their mastery expands, their CollegeReady score improves.

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Easy-to-use reporting dashboards provide actionable data, including real-time student progress information.

Two Methods of Implementation for Placement

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Institutions can proctor the initial diagnostic in CollegeReady the same way a traditional placement exam is administered, followed by personalized study support for students who need it.

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Institutions can invite students to take the initial diagnostic independently and then work through their study path prior to registering for math and English courses.


Optimized for Affordable and Efficient Implementation that Readily Scales


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Pay for what you need  |  The low-cost, per-student annual subscription model allows you to tailor your use of ACT CollegeReady.
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Plug and play  |  ACT CollegeReady was built on tested technology and use cases, so you can feel confident launching the tool without resource-heavy fine-tuning.
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Just grow it | Expand usage across your campus, system, or state without losing sleep. ACT CollegeReady was built to scale with ease.

Learn how CollegeReady can improve the accuracy and effectiveness of your institution’s placement efforts.