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NROC Info Sessions are short introductory webinars held on a regular basis to provide an overview of new or existing features and products. On this page, you can find upcoming Info Sessions to attend, or you can view our entire list of pre-recorded sessions. The same content is presented in the live sessions as is covered in the pre-recorded sessions.


New to NROC? Looking for an overview of our offerings, or a training session for your staff? NROC Info Sessions might be just what you need. Here are the live events coming soon. You can see archived versions on the Pre-Recorded tab.


If you are unable attend a live NROC Info Session or need just-in-time training, you may view them here in the archive. If you prefer to register for a live event, please see the Main Calendar or the Upcoming tab for upcoming dates.

Supporting Student Progress with EdReady Reports
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EdReady is tracking a wealth of student data, but do you know how to find these details and understand what they mean about your students' progress? Join us to explore the information you can find in EdReady's reports and how you can use these details to support your students and instruction. Sessi...
Back-to-School Info Session Series Advanced EdReady Topics: Customization and New Feature Overview
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You may be using EdReady, but are you customizing data collection and the student experience? In this session, we will review ways you can organize your data to optimize reporting and improve student messaging. Additionally, we will review recently released EdReady features (as well as give you a sn...
Back-to-School Info Session Series Advice From the Front Lines: NROC Member Success Tips
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When adapted to meet local needs, NROC technologies and curricular resources improve student outcomes. In this session, we will uncover how strategic implementations boost learner success. Session Slides  
Back-to-School Info Session Series EdReady Implementation Best Practices
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In this session, we will explore EdReady implementation best practices. We will review site setup, with an eye toward keeping you organized, and how to improve student access. Additionally, we will highlight how instructors can support students’ EdReady experience and optimize EdReady’s robust repor...
Back-to-School Info Session Series Optimize EdReady for a New Semester
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Whether you are getting started with EdReady or looking to refresh your EdReady site in preparation for a new semester, this session will help EdReady administrators successfully kick off the new academic year. We will review the creation and maintenance of Goals, Scopes, and Users, as well as how t...
Back-to-School Info Session Series EdReady 101
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EdReady is a robust online learning system that individualizes math and English instruction. This webinar will illuminate how EdReady works, decode EdReady terminology, and spotlight best practices and reporting functionality. If you are looking for an effective way to personalize math and / or Engl...
Back-to-School Info Session Series 3 Ways to Deliver NROC English
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NROC’s Developmental English curriculum can be delivered as a complete course in a learning management system, as supplemental instruction via HippoCampus playlists, or through EdReady, a web-based personalized learning system. Explore the benefits of each delivery method, and consider which best co...
Back-to-School Info Session Series 3 Ways to Deliver NROC Math
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NROC’s Algebra 1 and Developmental Math curricula can be delivered as complete courses in a learning management system, as supplemental instruction via HippoCampus playlists, or through EdReady, a web-based personalized learning system. Explore the benefits of each delivery method, and consider whic...
Back-to-School Info Session Series Open and Low-Cost Curricular Resources for the 2019-20 Academic Year
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NROC collaborates with educators to imagine, develop, test, and refine technologies that improve student success. This webinar will showcase the open educational resources and low-cost courses and tools available to individuals and NROC members. If you want to adopt open textbooks, remix-able digita...
Using EdReady to Support Classroom Instruction
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We’ll walk through some common scenarios instructors face as their students use EdReady, and we'll introduce how you can use EdReady’s reports to review and support student activity and progress. Session Slides    
Using Data and OER to Individualize Instruction - Series
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A Four-Webinar Professional Development Series Data-Driven Classroom Instruction: Leveraging EdReady to Meet Your Students Where They Are - Monday, May 14, 2 PM ET EdReady’s robust, real-time student performance reporting includes new features that help secondary, postsecondary, and adult educators ...
HippoCampus Logo NROC Info Session: HippoCampus Overview
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HippoCampus is an ever-expanding library of over 6,800 digital learning objects from 20 collections across many subject areas. NROC member institutions receive a branded HippoCampus site with additional features. Join us to learn more about Hippocampus and the benefits of using your custom site. S...
NROC Logo Getting the Support You Need from
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We recently relaunched, a one-stop shop member services site that boasts myriad resources to help you make the most of your membership. We’ll review available documentation and tutorials designed to ensure the successful implementation of NROC Math, NROC English, HippoCampus, and EdR...
EdReady Logo Launching EdReady in Five Simple Steps
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EdReady is straightforward to configure and use. Join us as we show you how easy it is to get your site set up and ready for students. This session is helpful for people who are new to the EdReady Administrator role, or anyone who wants an EdReady refresher. We’ll review the creation of Assessments...